About ‘The’ Poseidon Liturgical Year Project

First and foremost: I’m calling it The Poseidon Liturgical Year Project, rather than Poseidon Liturgical Year Project, mainly for aesthetics. ‘The Poseidon . . .’is easier for me to say and sounds better to my ears than ‘A Poseidon . . .’ I am by no means trying to imply that this is the definitive example of what a year of Poseidon worship must look like.

With that disclaimer out of the way: what is this project? What are my goals? Why I am doing this? What is it going to look like? How can this benefit you?

I’m hoping that you found your way here because you’re interested in learning more about Poseidon, about His history, about His cult, about those who still worship Him. I’m hoping that you’re curious about paganism, or polytheism, or devotion. Yes, clearly , I am biased when it comes to Him, so yes, I want you to be interested in Him, drawn to Him, wanting to know Him better. Yes. Obviously.

But, maybe you aren’t. Maybe you’re interested in polytheism or paganism, and you want to see how others do it. Maybe you’ve found yourself involved with a Power who has very little surviving information; maybe your Power is never mentioned anywhere, ever, outside of your relationship with Them. Maybe you desire inspiration, or an example, of how a liturgical year might be built up, and why.

This project was borne out of two decades of devotion to Poseidon. I’ve tried my hand at being a proper Hellenic Reconstructionist, and failed. I’ve tried being dual-trad for awhile, and failed. I’ve tried keeping my religion tidy and organized and labeled . . . and failed. I realized early on that I wanted a year filled with rituals for, and with, Poseidon — and I wanted them to mean something to me. I didn’t want to observe them because they were once observed by a culture I have little connection with; I wanted something that mattered here and now, to me, to Him. Eventually I got tired of trying to make festivals and holy days for Others matter to me, and I began creating festivals and rituals to honor my most Beloved Poseidon.

Here I am, twenty years later, and I have this: a religious calendar of festivals and rituals, of holy days of obligation, that revolve entirely around Poseidon. Oh, no, He’s not the only One I worship, and these are not the only rituals I observe. They are, however, the most important ones in my religious landscape.

I’ll be releasing small books throughout the year, focusing on each festival or holy day(s)  I hold for Poseidon. I’ll talk  about what inspired each one, what lead me to create them, what my goals for each one has been, and how they’ve changed over the years. I’ll be sharing photos of shrines, images that strike my fancy, and ruminations on the festivals, throughout the year.

What you won’t find here is anyone shaming you for the Powers you are involved with, the way you worship (or don’t), or the rituals you hold. I’m not interested in telling you how to be, how your relationships ought to look like, or how you’re supposed to talk about them, or whether you’re supposed to talk about them at all. I don’t care; it’s not my business. It’s not my path.

What you will find here (I hope) is encouragement and support. I want to build up, not tear down, and this is one way that I’m trying do that.

Thanks for stopping by.